That is powder: full of clarity and weightlessness.

The silhouette created by powdery texture reflecting royal skin and luxurious aristocratic nudity: three different tones - one emotion.

Sublimed clean space and sensual peace coming from inside.


One model, one cut – three
different monochrome looks

Shape, line and proportions takes it all

First: Glamorous everyday look with the sense of lively high-street.

Second: Straight up going vertical with rococo spices, elegant, edgy and sleek.

Third: Futuristic impression: helmet reincarnation with tribute to layering.

Idea&Hair&Styling by Creative Team A-Twins Make Up: Inga RaslanaiteOutfits by Vilius VenckeviciusPhoto by Tomas Vysniauskas

Blade Cut

Groomed, young and polished. Trendy forms and cult of 90's revealed in neat and no fuss, straight, calm and self confident attitude that suits ones personality.

2012 men trends presented for AIPP Awards 2012, Barcelona

Exquisitely thrust masculine energy slightly hidden under the modern looks. Gone are the bad hair days.

Drawing class


Rehash of commercial ideas
in 3D dimmension in relaxed
after bed motion

+ Shaped -


Alternative Hair Show
Moscow, Kremlin, 2011

inspired by lucidity of
modern architecture

St. lucia - Ingenious Energy

Lucia, whose beautifull name signifies light, by the light of faith So much as the blindness and the darkness

International Visionary Award Winner, 2010 London

Pure and energetic, powerful, capturing and sharing the message of concern. St. Lucia image is inspired by purity of ancient Far East war art and feeling of nowadays globalization. It invites to the fields of Global thinking and spreads the Ingenious Energy for the sake of future.

Andrius Masauskas & Anatolijus Pajanok founders of Creative Team A - Twins started their way together at 2002 with leading cut & color seminars.

At 2010 along with their work St. Lucia Ingenious Energy team gained the international recognition as they became the winners of International Visionary Awards (London) and got the exceptional right to present their collection “Shaped” in Kremlin, Moscow, 2011.

Today creative team A – Twins stands out with its exceptional and rich experience, coherent stylistic approach and vivid features of the creative works that serves as trend spotting and inspirational source.

They are authors of unique educational program Ultimate Course of Colouristics, creators and developers of personal image consultancy system “What suits You Best”.

Ieva is that down to earth personality, full of common sense that brings all ideas and projects to life.

Experienced stylist and counselor herself she knows how to create a style to suit any face. She has the same honest approach whether she’s organizing fashion presentation or working with educational projects.

Andrius is one of Lithuanian hairdressing industry’s most experienced and highly regarded figures, influential spokesperson and gifted lecturer for hair styling education and hair fashion.

His visionary ideas and nose for trend forecasting makes him a favorite of beauty salons clients and a respectable Creative Director – the position that Andrius proudly holds in his Andre Team salon. He has a unique signature of exceptional creativity in everything he does.

Anatolijus, Creative Director and owner of beauty salon Proffi, is loved by his clients and colleagues hairdressers for his unique philosophy and approach to the art of hairdressing.

From beautiful wearable styles to conceptual looks – Anatolijus is passionate about the importance of understanding personality and creating a style that works in all cases. He’s a powerful, dynamic and motivating educator and presenter, able to deliver a wide range of varied platform work.

Ignas being a long term fan of A-Twins creative talents is a passionate
brand-builder, demonstrating a consistent ability of growth.

He is the one who takes care and uses his excellent organisational and sales skills for giving exceptional teaching services and working together as a significant part of a creative team.